BHC Action Teams


At BHC East Salinas we believe that community engagement and community organizing are the most effective ways to create a positive change in our community. In order to achieve that we have set up five main action teams! Scroll down to learn about them and let us know if you want to get involved!



BHC Collaborative Structure

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Land Use and Economic Equity Action Team

To ensure that East Salinas residents feel safe and healthy wherever they live, work, and play. We work on a variety of issues including housing, economic development, transportation, access to parks and healthy food access, public art and neighborhood revitalization. The Land Use team is made up of CHISPA, MBCLC, Monterey County Health Department, UAC, CCA, and MILPA. Current Projects Include:

Alisal Vibrancy Plan

Affordable and Safe Housing

Equitable Access to Parks and Open Spaces

Equitable Budgeting: Shifting resources to community priorities

Main Contact: Andrea Manzo, Hub Manager,

Education Equity Team

To engage students, families, teachers, and administrative leaders in ensuring that students have equitable access to academic rigor, culturally rooted healing-informed practice, and viable career pathways.  To ensure that all children are seen and treated as sacred. The Education Equity Team is made up of UAC, Baktun 12, MILPA, Alisal Center for the Fine Arts.

Moms United for Positive Solutions to truancy

Cara y Corazón training for parents

Alternatives to the school to prison pipeline

Restorative Justice A new approach to school discipline

Engagement of parents in school decision making

Main Contact: Alma Cervantes, Education Equity Coordinator,


Justice Reform Team

To transform our justice system to better support individuals and families to participate in solutions for peace and safety. Shifting state and local budgeting priorities away from mass incarceration and into prevention and education.  The Justice Reform Team is made up of MILPA, UAC, B12, Village Project.

Prop 47 Implementation to shift resources from incarceration to thriving communities

Change The Narrative: César Lara, Policy and Communications Director,

Healing-Informed Practices Team

The Healing Informed Practices team works collectively to provide social and emotional supports to the community of Salinas grounded in the culturally rooted La Cultura Cura philosophy. The Healing-Informed Practices Team is made up of MILPA, CCA, National Compadres Network.

Main Contact: Laura Tinajero, Healing-Informed Practices Coordinator,